Solid High Gloss Collection

We offer you a vibrantrange of colors with a solid high gloss finish. All the solid colors from this lot make your home look very radiant. They have an amazing collection of colors. Being under the minimalism section but yet it helps to beautify your home in unexpected ways. This range of collection offers all kinds of happy and cheerful colors which will definitely make your home stand out. There are countless ways in which high gloss PVC laminates can be used. A lot can be done with the décor, theme and style of a space with the wide variety of designs, colors, textures and patterns available. Every unique requirement can be fulfilled with our range of luxury laminates. It bears some special characteristics such as water resistance and scratch resistance which make it an ideal choice for surfacing requirements. There is no dearth of what you can do with different ranges of laminates. Make sure to pick the right sheet according to your needs. Sky décor gives you access to myriad designs and colors.

Product Features