Metallic Collection

Bring some fabulous shine to your spaces with our metallic range of PVC laminates. The colors are bound to match your varied moods and make you feel calm once you reach your home or workstation for that matter! We have some pleasant neutral shades in this collection as well. It is gorgeous to look at and is easy to maintain. This collection radiates a very happy and cheerful mood in your home. It is very durable as well as the glossy finish of this collection makes your home look beautiful and bright. The metallic texture of this high gloss PVC laminates makes it look more lustrous. It is suitable for homes, shopping malls and workspaces. Fill in color and radiance around you with these luxury laminates. All these neutral and shimmery colors will definitely match your space and mood. They can also stand the test of time. These are affordable high-performance surfacing materials available in our products range. Coming in a variety of designs, colors and patterns, Sky decors range of laminates have characteristics such as abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. To help you better appreciate our range, we have put together a collection of laminates for you.

Product Features