Marblex Collection

Marble is widely used in homes. It gives a beautiful and pure look to the area. It has a very smooth texture and also creates serenity around the atmosphere. It adds a luxe feeling to your homes. Our collection allows for interesting manifestation in designs and colors. All the beauty of this collection lies in its longevity and strength. Explore through ourmarblex collection for some stunning colors and designs. The marble collection is presented to you at affordable prices.It is loaded with a lot of colors, textures and ingenious designs. It represents a pure work of art. It ensures safety as well as preserves the shine of your décor. It also boasts about being scratch resistance and water resistance. It’s easy installation and low maintenance characteristics make it quite popular. It is quite functional in your interior space. It gives a sophisticated and simple look to the area. Our artistry reflects in our laminates for which you can consult our high gloss PVC laminates catalogue.

Product Features